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To find out more about LIFEgroups click in the link below or feel free to get in touch through our contact page.

Why LIFEgroups?


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We encourage everyone who comes to our church to be part of a small group that we call a 'LIFEgroup'.   This is simply a group of people who are committed to helping each other follow Jesus. The first followers of Jesus met like this in small groups in each other's homes (see Acts 2.42-46). 

A LIFEgroup is a place to do LIFE together:

  • Learning/Living – A place for learning together from God’s word and from each other’s life experiences

  • Intercession – A place to pray (intercede) for each other and on behalf of others

  • Friendship/Fellowship – A place of genuine friendships and not just superficial acquaintances

  • Equipping/Evangelism – A place to be equipped to live the Christian life and to reach others with the gospel.

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