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What we believe

We are a community of people who are seeking to follow Jesus together and to share His life-transforming love and power with those around us.

Brackley Baptist Church is an active, vibrant group of Christians who meet regularly together. The hub of our week is Sunday where we meet as a family. There is music, teaching, prayer, as well as some great activities for kids and young people and of course, coffee, tea and biscuits!

As a church, we run a variety of activities throughout the week, which are for all ages and interests.
We have a particular focus on people. While our building is useful, the church is not defined by where it meets; rather it is defined as a fellowship of believers, committed to Christ, to one another and to the service of God in the world. This is because we are convinced that God is interested in everyone, and that the teachings of Jesus are vital and relevant to people of all ages and circumstances, at all times on any day of the week.

We are situated in the heart of the community and as a church our aim is to be a friendly, inclusive, Bible-based and prayerful church, revealing the love of Jesus Christ to everyone in our local area. We celebrate the diversity of our church family and love to warmly welcome people whatever their background or situation.

Brackley Baptist Church forms part of a larger, nationwide Baptist family - we come together with other Baptist churches at a regional, national and international level to support one another in our faith in Jesus Christ. There are Baptist churches in almost every country of the world, and Baptists form a large part of the global Christian church.

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