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Leon & Veronic Senghore

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Our relationship with Pastor Leon Senghore started several years ago, but began to develop more deeply in 2014.  God had obvious plans for us to help and encourage Leon and his wife, Veronic, to buy a piece of land and build a church in the remote village of ‘Madiana’.

The church has solar panels, which produce the only electricity in the area, encouraging all-night prayer meetings.  The people in Madiana pray for us just as we do for them.

Latest message from Leon, “Great is our God, we bless His name all the time. The Madiana Church is doing well by His grace since He is the sustainer of all things. We are spiritually and numerically strong. The wall around the Church compound is almost built (to keep the animals out), and the school project is progressing. We give Him all the glory and appreciate everyone who supports us spiritually and financially. You are always in our prayers.”


The school is desperately needed for more than 50 children in Madiana who don’t go to school mainly due to dangers on their long journey to other village schools.


Veronic continues to work for DAWN (Dignity for All Women Now) by purchasing and distributing sanitary wear to women throughout the villages.  This was established following a visit by Pam and Jill in 2020. We are able to send £60 each month for this project which buys around 75 packs. The women are grateful and look forward to her visits. Veronic is accompanied by her friend Fatau and Erua, Fatau’s daughter, who is a nurse so is also able to give personal hygiene talks.


For more information on any of these projects, please feel free to get in touch.

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